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What is a Wedding Coordinator?

An Independent Wedding Coordinator is a person that works directly with the bride and groom in helping them plan any/all aspects of their wedding. They do not work for a specific vendor. Coordinators can plan all the aspects of a wedding or just orchestrate the rehearsal and wedding-day activities.

Why hire a Wedding Coordinator?

A Coordinator plays many roles. They can design your wedding theme, choose vendors, book the reception site, schedule appointments, find the perfect centerpieces and the list goes on and on. Coordinators can help you come up with ideas to make your wedding day an unforgettable event.

Many brides today are working women with little extra time to devote to planning this special event. A good Wedding Coordinator can guide you in the right directions when it comes to vendors and reception locations, bypassing hours of research.

Why choose Treasured Weddings?

At Treasured Weddings, you can expect personalized attention and services that cater to your specific needs in customizing an event. It is our aim to provide a standard of professionalism that will not only ensure success, but also create a stunning experience for you and your audience. We will help to ensure that your day is one that you'll always cherish.


"You make the decisions and Treasured Weddings brings them to life!"




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